iSpiritual - 2 Women Traders sells premium quality products for labyrinth lovers and facilitators. A leader in the field, iSpiritual has both an on-line and Two Women Traders, our walk-in retail store in Middletown, CA. is the offspring of a woman-owned engraving company. After 24 years in business, in the year 1999, we decided to become involved with a product that we found to be very inspirational and fulfilling in our business lives. We had "walked a labyrinth" for the first time in 1999 and realized that the experience gave us a tremendous feeling of empowerment. It brought clarity of purpose, focus, and it was, in and of itself, a soulful thing to be doing. That experience evolved into the product line that is to be found here.

In 2009, we entered into partnership with Veriditas, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the healing powers of the labyrinth. Our partnership with Veriditas will foster development of creative resources for labyrinth facilitators. Founded in 1995 by the Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress at the Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, Veriditas offers workshops, retreats and professional training for those interested in facilitating labyrinth walks in their own communities. Veriditas recently relocated its office to a retreat center in the hills of Sonoma County.


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